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Serena Hamilton, MA, LPC

Serena is a Licensed Therapist in the state of Oregon, the owner of Buried Moon Counseling LLC, a crisis and trauma therapist, foster youth advocate, illustrator and former foster youth. She earned her Master of Arts in Psychology with dual emphases in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling at Brandman University (Chapman University System) in Riverside, CA, and her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, Minor in Sociology from Ashford University. She has worked in the mental health field in various roles since 2012, and specializes in healing foster care and adoption trauma, PTSD, self-harm and abuse. You can visit her Psychology Today profile to view current availability and insurance information:

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I like to meet my clients where they are on their own unique path. Tell me how I can help you create the best version of YOU, and if you don't  know where to begin, I have some ideas.

Trauma processing is so important. We all have trauma, but the meaning we assign it, the way we manage it in our lives, can make or break us. 

True compassion starts with ourselves. Compassion looks like love and acceptance of who we are, why we are, and meeting our own needs. 

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